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We’re two Canadian (Newfoundlander)/Australian guys who love travel and home design. More recently we just moved from Australia back to Northern Hemisphere to split our time between Canada and living abroad in Ireland. We have lots of stories to share for friends or anyone else interested.

Lane LifeA Deeper Dive…

We are Chris and Larry, a couple born and raised in Canada’s small island province of Newfoundland. We’ve been together for 7 years, married in 2014, and in all that time we’ve never really stopped travelling.

Chris and Larry New York WeddingBefore meeting, our combined experience included working in Minnesota as a Summer Camp Lifeguard, doing a University exchange term in the Czech Republic, working as a bellman in a 5-star resort in the Rocky Mountains and road tripping all over North America from the Florida Keys up to the Alaskan Highway.

After dating for a few months, we moved to Sydney, Australia, travelled across Asia and the Pacific islands and became Aussie citizens. But sadly, we still can’t pull off saying “mate” or become accustomed to eating vegemite (blechh).

Chris and Larry at Base of Uluru

Now’s time for the next big change! In 2016 we bought our first home, a Haunted House in Newfoundland…

Haunted House Front

…and spent 6 months renovating so we would have a home base before our next move to Ireland!

HouseWe have a ton of stories and advice to share about travelling and life living abroad. Great places to go, sites to see, food to eat, best bars, all the must-knows before your next big trip!

We also love home design and will be sharing everything we’ve learned in renovating and furniture restoration including lots of what NOT to dos.

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Chris & Larry

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Travel: Living in Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Fiji, Vietnam, Thailand, China, Japan, The Caribbean, New Zealand, Greece, Czech Republic, Canada, United States, France, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Turkey

Home Design: Digging up a backyard tomb, Buying furniture on a budget, House renovation before and afters, How to build a day bed, How to be build a palette bed, Refurbishing old furniture, Design tips

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